Sunday, May 15, 2011

going a little deeper ... connectivism, collaborative, situated, and informal learning

With a title like "4 Big Ideas That Will Change The World Of Training," the eLearning Coach has a big promise to deliver on - and it does. Walking the reader through the ideas of Connectivism, Collaborative Learning, Situated Learning, and Informal Learning, this blog post provides a very good overview of these four theories/approaches and provides links to more resources on each.

Starting with the Connectivist idea that learning is distributed across networks and occurs when people engage in communities, the blog moves onto the structured and unstructured Collaborative approach to community learning, then shows the role of Situated Learning belief that learners must be engaged in the community in which the skills they are learning will need to be applied, and wraps up with idea that informal learning occurs best in a community that encourages sharing. 

As a designer, I see these four ideas working in collaboration – almost as a continuum. That the most successful learning environment takes this approach from a collaborative training experience, balanced with situational opportunities to refine knowledge and practice skills in the real community they will be used in, and then exiting that training path into a community that continues to support informal learning.

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